How to purchase tickets

You do not need to create an account or register before you buy tickets. The instructions are below.

STEP 1. Sometime between 5-6pm Friday 10th November the Tickets page will start to show the various different events. On the tickets page on this site, though also, incase this site crashes under the amount of people refreshing the pages, all tickets will also be available direct on the ticketing site at:

At the bottom of this page I will additionally give you separate links to each individual show. Just incase both of those pages go down. Copy the relevant links for the events you're interested in.

Step 2. Even though it will display like the above image and show "Buy Tickets", the tickets are set to automatically activate at 7pm, so you won't see anything when you click "Buy Tickets", it will look like below.

Step 3. At 7pm, all the tickets will automatically activate, you may need to refresh the page. When the tickets are live, now under Buy Tickets it will display the various ticket options available. Choose your quantity and press NEXT. Different shows have different maximum amounts that you can purchase in one go. Check the "Show Details" page for your event to see what the allowance is, if there is nothing mentioned, it will be 4-6 tickets per purchase, maximum.

Step 4. Enter in your name and email address. You only enter one name per purchase. The press NEXT.

Step 5. You'll now get asked to "click on a payment provider". Just click anywhere on that Pay Now/cards image, it all goes to the same place.


Step 6Now you will get taken to a new website to process your payment. If you have a PayPal account and wish to pay with PayPal you can login there. If you don't have PayPal and wish to pay with a credit card or debit card, look for that option, I have highlighted it in the below pic. Click on that button.


Step 7. The rest should be straight-forward, tickets get emailed to the email address you entered at Step 4 so a shipping address is irrelevant

Step 8.  You will be emailed your tickets. This will only be ONE ticket per purchase, it should state on it how many tickets you purchased. It will look like below. Please make sure each of your ticket holders has a copy of the one you are emailed, either printed or on their electronic device. If you arrive together, just one copy is OK. You will be individually checked off against the barcode as you arrive. Make sure you check your SPAM as the ticket may have been sent there.