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If you have any other questions about the Where's My Room tour, please use the form below.


Where will tickets be selling? Do I need to sign up for an account?
They will be selling on this very site, on the "Tickets" page and no, you do not need to sign up. You will be able to use credit car, debit card or PayPal.

Why weren't you able to make it to ______ ?

Sorry, of course we wished we could make it everywhere around this beautiful country of ours.

Why are these events R18/licensed? Are under 18's permitted?
To have liquor consumed on a premise that is open to public requires an alcohol license and as a condition of that licence it is our responsibility to ensure the safe and responsible consumption of alcohol so cannot permit BYO - however we will have very reasonable prices for alcohol at the events themselves. Under 18's are welcome to attend event as long as they are accompanied by parent or legal guardian.